AIA Vitality Fitness First membership discount

Fitness First

Fitness First is a chain of fitness clubs providing a wide array of fitness products and services including BodyFirst, Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Team Workouts and cardio machines.

AIA Vitality members enjoy up to 50% savings on gym memberships at Fitness First, across all Fitness First branches in Malaysia.

What You Need to Know

AIA Vitality members enjoy up to 50% off the recommended retail price on gym memberships and pay no joining fee.

Earn 100 AIA Vitality Points

a day when you work out at Fitness First

You can earn up to a maximum of 15,000 points for physical activities each year

You can enjoy an upfront discount of 20% on a 12-month membership fee and an extra 30% cashback every calendar quarter if you work out 24 times or more in that calendar quarter at Fitness First.

Offer valid for Fitness First *Gym Memberships

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Lifestyle Premium Passport

Lifestyle Premium Home

Please note:

  • AIA Vitality discount for new Fitness First members

    Sign up with Fitness First and enjoy a 20% upfront discount on your membership fees.

  • Earn an extra 30% cashback

    You can earn 30% extra in cashback every quarter when you work out at Fitness First 24 or more times in that quarter.

  • Discount and cashback based on membership fee

    The 20% discount and 30% cashback will be calculated based on your membership fee.
    To receive the quarterly 30% cashback, you must fill in your cashback preferences below.

  • Existing Fitness First members

    Existing Fitness First members are not eligible for 20% discount on their current membership. However, you are eligible for 30% cashback every quarter for working out 24 or more times in the quarter. The cashback amount will be based on the Fitness First Lifestyle Premium Home membership fee.

    You can enjoy the 20% discount on the gym memberships only after your current contract expires. Please consult your Fitness First Club to find out more.

  • Cashback based on calendar quarter

    The 4 calendar quarters for cashback are defined as 1st January - 31st March, 1st April - 30th June, 1st July - 30th September, 1st October - 31st December.

  • You are entitled to sign up for 1 membership only

    Each AIA Vitality member can sign up for a maximum of 1 Fitness First gym membership at the AIA Vitality discount. It must be under the member’s name and is not transferable to another person.

  • The discount applies to new Fitness First 12-month contracts only with credit card payment

    The AIA Vitality discount only applies to new Fitness First gym contracts. To qualify for the 20% discount, the minimum contract period is 12 months. Gym fees can only be paid by credit card. You can choose to pay monthly or pay the total amount upfront in one payment. After the first 12-month contract, you can choose to renew the 12-month contract or continue on a monthly contract. Both contract types will be eligible for AIA Vitality discount and cashback.

  • No discount on personal training fees

    The discount does not apply to personal training fees. The standard discount offered to all Fitness First members applies.

  • You can earn 100 AIA Vitality Points each time you work out at Fitness First

    AIA Vitality awards 100 points daily for exercising at Fitness First, regardless of the number of times you visit within a day. If more than 1 physical activity has been completed on the same day, the highest number of fitness points for the day will be awarded.

    Example : Ms Jane exercises at Fitness First. This event qualifies for 100 points. On the same day Ms Jane also completed a marathon and submitted the information for this organised fitness event to AIA Vitality. This event qualifies for 1,500 points. Ms Jane will earn 1,500 points for the day for the marathon i.e. the higher of the 2 above events.

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